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Smoke Outlet Panel Repair

Smoke Outlet Panel Repair | London Asphalt

London Asphalt offer a full repair service for smoke outlet panels. Our team of waterproofing experts specialise in mastic asphalt waterproofing solutions but also have the capability of using a Pu liquid solutions to provide the best solution for the repair in question. Our team covers all of London on a daily basis and we will extend our services for select projects throughout the UK.

Smoke outlet panels are bespoke ducts or vents used for the ventilation of buildings and smoke control systems. They are created to release smoke from buildings in the event of a fire. They help to minimise the spread of toxic fumes and smoke. This obviously improves the safety of those using the building.

You can find smoke outlet panels installed in the walls or roof of a building. These panels are normally connected with smoke exhaust ducts which lead to outside the building. Some smoke outlet panels have automatic smoke and fire dampers. These dampers can close in the event of a fire to prevent smoke spreading. The quality of installation with smoke outlet panels is vital. And it is important to ensure they are kept in good order with regular maintenance. It goes without saying, it is imperative smoke outlet panels function correctly in the vent of a fire.

Leaking Smoke Outlet Panels

Smoke outlet panels are designed to provide ventilation for buildings, allowing toxic fumes and smoke to escape in the event of a fire. However, if the panel is not installed properly or if the waterproof seal around the perimeter of the smoke outlet panel becomes damaged. It can allow water to enter through the panel into the building below.

Leaks can cause serious damage to the interior space below. Not only this, but water ingress can also compromise the integrity of the smoke outlet panel. This is obviously, very serious. If the panel becomes defective or loses it's structural integrity, it may not function in the event of a fire. This of course puts the safety and lives of the building's occupants at risk.

To prevent leaks and ensure the panel function correctly regular maintenance is vital. The sealant around the perimeter is one of the most common reasons smoke outlet panels leak. At London Asphalt we offer a complete repair service for smoke outlet panels. This includes the application of an anti-slip coating to the surface of the smoke outlet panel, so it is suitable for foot traffic.

How To Repair A Leaking Smoke Outlet Panel

1. Identify the source of the leak: First you should analyse the panel and the sealant around the perimeter to determine where the leak is coming from. You may need to remove any debris around the outlet panel. Once you see any cracks or gaps in the panel itself or in the around surrounding the panel you know where the source of the leak is likely to be coming from.

2. Clean the panel and prepare it for repairs: The panel and the perimeter should be cleaned and free of dust and debris. If the sealant surrounding the panel is defective it should be removed down to the level of the panel bearings. Once the smoke outlet panel and the surrounding perimeter is clean, the area should be torch dried.

3. Carry Out Repairs On The Panel: For cracks in the smoke outlet panel itself, PU sealant should be applied. If the sealant around the perimeter is damaged the defective area would have been removed. Into the cavity remaining, mastic asphalt should be hot poured, with the joint between the panels and smoke outlet panel being finished with a liquid waterproofing product such as Starflex Mono Tix.  This type of liquid coating is perfectly suited to withstand the temperatures and environmental conditions the panel will face. Finally the surface of the smoke outlet panel can be finished with a PU coating which can have anti-slip properties added if required.

4. Test the panel: Once the panel has been repaired and reinstalled it should be tested. This is important to ensure maximum functionality and to know where the repair was successful. One way to test the panel is to use a hose to simulate rain.

Due to smoke outlet panels being important safety features of buildings it is imperative any repairs are carried out by professional waterproofing contractors. If you believe you need repair work to any defective smoke outlet panels, you should contact a professional immediately.

Need Some Help With Smoke Outlet Panel Maintenance Work

If you would like a quotation for smoke outlet panel repairs or need any advice please get in touch. You can use our web form or call us now on 07739207726. One of the team will be delighted to help.